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Brief and intense, CrossFit classes offer constantly changing, full-body workouts involving cardio, body weight movements, and moderate weights. These classes are all run by coaches who guide you through the whole hour and watch your form to make it the most effective hour of yoru day for your health and fitness.
It starts here, at WHATEVER your level or age is. You learn how to do the most effective exercises the most efficient way. Gains are fastest here, with constant feedback and instruction from your experienced coach, especially as healthy nutritional changes begin here, too.
Balance, strong muscles and bones are best improved by strength training, and we coach our seniors with methods and instruction apporopriate to their level. Having experienced coaches guide each class takes guesswork out of going to the gym. Just show up, learn, get strong, and enjoy your life!
Coaches guide kids through a new, fun and high-energy workout every day, designed to compliment the important changes occuring in children’s bodies, maximizing their potential for physical, mental and athletic growth later in life. Classes end with a game each day, teaching the value of individual effort AND teamwork while associating fitness with FUN! We transform “couch potatoes” and those “not into sports” with the opportunities to be successful in sports and in life!
Strength is the basis of all human movement, and the most important physical trait (muscle mass is THE #1 biomarker for longevity!). It’s importance cannot be overstated for the athlete, the elderly, or those trying to tone, lose weight, get rid of nagging back and joint pain, and be healthy overall. We offer the most effective strength program on the market today (Starting Strength); it’s safety and efficiency are second to none, and we provide the programming as well as the experienced coaching necessary to begin and advance effectively.
Everyone interested in CrossFit or Strength Training starts here. Our 2-week beginners program (6 one-on-one, 60min sessions) introduces the techniques needed to perform exercises safely, efficiently, and with confidence. For those who have some experience lifting, the sessions provide an updated model for performing lifts in the most effective way possible.


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